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Best Beginner - 96%

PowerMetalGuardian, July 20th, 2004

First strike and they get it right! Queensryche nailed it on their self-titled EP, landing some extraordinary progressive metal. The EP features four songs, two of them being Queensyrche hits (Queen of the Reich and The Lady Wore Black). The other songs are good too, just not necessarily hits. The re-released version shapes up some of the bad production and also includes a bonus song Prophecy.

Queen of the Reich, the opening song, blasts out right away with a great riff and a well sustained vocal performance from Geoff Tate. This song deal out a lot of cool riffs and the solo is well written and commanded. The other good song is the semi-ballad The Lady Wore Black. The ballad part sounds a lot like a Def Leppard song, but trust me it has its metal moments. These two songs are worth getting the EP alone. Geoff Tate in his youth hits all the points and the riffs show that Queensryche would rise in the metal scene.

The other two songs are Nightrider and Blinded, which might take awhile to grow on some metal heads. The beginning of Nightrider has a very weak scream by Tate, at least compared to the song Queen of the Reich. The riffs are very good in this song, sounding a lot like Iron Maiden (the beat is also very Iron Maiden like). The guitars do a lot of harmonizing in this song, which is pretty decent. Blinded is an alright song, it has a decent chorus riff, but other than that its just another Queensryche song.

Queensryche really put out a killer EP with this one. While the original has some bad production, you can easily pick up the re-released version (I think it has been done over a couple of times actually). All the songs are good, or at least worth listening to. I guess the first strike for Queensryche ended up deadly!!!