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Queen Of EP's - 93%

Fatal_Metal, November 7th, 2005

Though "Queensryche's" best full-length would be "Operation:Mindcrime", this EP has some songs that just flat out butcher anything Queensryche have ever released. It's surprising the band never re-used these songs in some of their later as all the songs here are at the least average. This is where the "Ryche" were a young band and despite hailing from America, they play a style that’s more akin to NWOBHM than anything.

Musically, everyone's performance is SOLID here. Geoff Tate sings has always has a distinct voice with a mix of both a British and American accent. He sings at an amazingly high-pitch here sometimes unlike the low tones he sings in on “Ryche's” latest releases. Michael Wilton and Chris DeGramo are awesome guitarists, especially Chris whom they sadly lost after Hear in the New Frontier. Scott Rockenfield is a really energetic drummer and Eddie Jackson performs just what's necessary.

"Queen of the Reich" starts off the album on a very high note as this song is "Queensryche's" BEST song ever. Really, Geoff Tate's performance sounds like Bruce Dickinson with a bit of an American accent hitting really high notes. The twin leads are just spectacular. Dare I say it? Yes, this is the closest anybody has come in topping Maiden in their own trade (twin lead). A thick, brilliant galloping riff and the song makes it to my top 10 favorite list quite easily. Nightrider is pure speed metal and never gets attention at all but is one of "Ryche's" best songs. "Blinded" has a really awesome solo in it and is a very enjoyable song. "The Lady Wore Black" is the key song of the album. Clocking in at 6:14, this one is an excellently melodic and emotional ballad. Not quite Queensryche's best ballad (Eyes of a Stranger is their best ballad) but an awesome song with an awesome performance by Tate, Wilton and Chris. "Prophecy" is an instantly catchy song with more awesome lead work.

Queen of the Reich 10/10
Nightrider 10/10
Blinded 8.5/10
The Lady Wore 9/10
Prophecy 9/10
Total = | 46.5 | = 93%