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The King Of All EPs - 92%

Dead_As_A_Door_Nail, November 17th, 2003

Best EP ever. Period, There's no if, ands or buts about it, end of story, that's all she wrote. This is the king of all EPs right here. There are some damn classic songs in here, some of the best power metal ever made this side of Helloween's Keeper II. "Queen Of The Reich" is a great, roaring start and gives you one of the best examples of heavy/power metal done right. "Nightrider" is a bit faster, same furious musicianship of the first song and you gotta love that chrous! "The Nightrider Saaaaiiills awaaay...." I love singing along to that part. "Blinded" is the weakest song here, and is basically an average version of "Nightrider", it's alright, but it just lacks a little punch. "The Lady Wore Black" is a good, if a bit overlong ballad that all in all gets the job done. Nice,cool, melancholy atmosphere throught it. "Prophecy" What a song. Some GREAT melodic power metal to be found here, people. Great, infectious little number and it's a hidden treasure, undeservingly overlooked.

Queensryche started with their progressive metal direction with the next album after this one, their full-length debut, "The Warning", but still keeping enough of their power metal elements. Of course Queensryche eventually became full on progressive rock and became the butt of many a metalhead's harsh criticism, and yes, i'm still a fan (except for Q2K, man did that ever suck, but that's a different review...), but for those wishing for Queensryche to get back to the heavy stuff, or for those who are looking for a quick fix of brilliant power metal, look no further.