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Apathy-X - 0%

FateMetal, February 8th, 2012

To say that Queensrÿche don't give a fuck anymore is such a heavy understatement that it'd probably outweigh all the metal on this site. It is right up there with gems such as; "our economy is in a bad place right now!" Queensrÿche's apathy towards the state of metal does not only include ignoring the basic laws of crafting memorable tunes, it has also extended into them abstaining entirely from the glories of aesthetics. The band cares not for logos and has not had one concretely associated with them since those seemingly infinite days of Mindcrime (seemingly infinite because they still insist on playing the damned thing live in its entirety). The album art for "Dedicated To Chaos" aside from being a real shoddy job lacks any character and warmth and promises doom long before you push play. It is an ugly drawing of an ugly contraption that seems to scream; "APPROACH WITH MIGHTY TREPIDATION!"

But being the fools we are we head right in! As if "Q2K" and "American Soldier" weren't proof enough that the 'Ryche was over we still choose to suffer another illogical audio affliction. Perhaps because we feel the band that made the masterpiece that was "Operation:Mindcrime" can redeem itself? Clearly those days are behind them. Tate and friends took little steps down the shit hole from whence no one returns unstained with each album "Promised Land" onwards that by the time "Q2K" came lumbering to the brim they were severely rolling in deep sludge. We made excuses on their behalf and tried to evaluate their changes with a bit of perspective but if a band insists on consistently churning out garbage even the most patient of fans has to soon run out of excuses, don't they? Savatage's "Streets: A Rock Opera" can be conceived of as a mere glitch and Dio's "Angry Machines" a momentary lapse. Reason being that both those bands later returned with banging albums that now those records sound logical and contributory to their legacies. The 'Ryche on the other hand has failed to recover from the fall that was "American Soldier" and has shuddered upon us another diabolical release.

"How bad is this album?" I hear you ask, you wretched sadist who comes to mock the walking corpses of yesteryear's metal greats.
I'll oblige ya. This album is bad to the bone. "Bad" is a primal quality of this album. It is firstly "bad" and everything else later. It is as "bad" as Michael Jackson. It is Queensryche re-imagining themselves as Progressive rock legends who've left the excesses and adventures behind to settle down and make mature music that best fits their age. Even on paper that never sounds good. Rush and Jethro Tull may have been able to make smooth reasonable transitions but Journey and Genesis ended up kissing the radio's arse. Yet for the life of me, I can't seem to name a single record from those guys that matches the level of disgrace exhibited here.

Not a single song on "Dedicated To Chaos" retains any redeeming qualities. There is a starkly naked absence of guitar riffs. Michael Wilton sounds emasculated and lifeless - no wonder he was unhappy with the results. Eddie Jackson's bass sounds as beefy as usual but since when has that been the reason to buy a metal album. The lyrics look like a mishmash of half baked ideas that weren't given time to be even remotely coherent. Geoff Tate rambles through them sounding uninspired and bored and in turn boring the listener.

"Around The World" sounds like a U2 song. I'd have said; "like a bad U2 song", but as far as concerns me, all U2 songs are bad. But it does sound like the only one that is reasonably musical - and there's 15 more to check out if you feel up to the punishment. I won't comment on them because I was never one to drag a corpse through the stony streets. Suffice to say, I am not a hater for I used to hold this band in such high regard. One thing's for sure though, I am done making excuses for Queensryche.