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...Really? I mean, really? - 18%

Zelkiiro, April 23rd, 2009

I don't claim to be a huge fan of Queensrÿche, but I do own most of their albums and some of them are quite good (Promised Land and Mindcrime I, of course). And as we all know, they seem to be plummeting in a downward spiral into badness. So when the new album was introduced, interviews and badass cover art included, I got kinda excited; surely, this equates to a comeback! Well, as a great man once said, when you get your hopes up, it sucks.

In my excitement, I go to the greatest website on all that is metal (I am, of course, referring to Wikipedia), and I notice a 13% average rating for this new creation. This has to be a mistake, I thought. They put so much effort into it, and the theme is interesting, and...and...the cover art!!

It turns out this really was a stinking pile of mucus. I'm not joking when I say this album is bad bad bad. There are a grand total of three songs in this tracklist that don't make me want to take my own life with a cordless phone: The Killer, Home Again, and The Voice. What's even worse, none of them are even really metal; they're some sort of crappy groove metal/rock/fecal matter.

Okay, alright, so maybe the other tracks aren't that bad, I tell myself. This would be true if I weren't lying to myself. Sliver is some kind of nu metal wannabe bullshit. Unafraid is so undercooked they decided to fill in the verses with sound bytes, and the next three songs just kinda mesh into each other in a shit-flavored soup of mediocrity. There's The Killer, which is forgivable, followed by Middle of Hell, which is where you'll feel you are when its insipid chorus slaps you around repeatedly. And topped off with the other slice of bread in the media shit sandwich is their "smash hit", If I Were King (around this time, I just stopped caring).

But hey, the next track Man Down! is a bit faster and it sounds like it's going places...until you realize it really isn't. Remember Me is oh-so-ironically forgettable, and the final two tracks, Home Again and The Voice, are redeemable if you can forgive the fact they're not really metal songs.

To wrap it all up, this album sucks. It's lazy, it's boring, and I've learned my lesson about expectations. Buy the album, rip the three songs that are even worth a damn, and then just throw the disc away. You'd have to be out of your mind to want to venture another listen of the other songs; they are that bad, and you'll feel bad for even feeling bad for them.

Recommended Tracks (I use the term 'recommended' loosely):
The Killer
Home Again
The Voice