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Songs Of Faint And Distortion - 75%

todesengel89, May 3rd, 2013

Just as I thought I have heard it all with experimental bands ranging from the dissonant chaos of Portal to the doomish and oppressive Drug Honkey, I chance upon Italy’s Psychofagist with their third full length release Songs of Faint and Distortion.

The weirdness of the band’s music is obvious right from the opening riffs of Blackness Reigns Supreme, with the ominous tone and mood that the band sets down right from the start. Things sound rather predictable at first, but the band quickly goes into schizophrenia, and all sense of order and predictability quickly disappears as the band starts breaking the regularity in the rhythm of their music. Each of the members soon sound as though each of them were doing their own thing, and the only constant seems to be the background guitars. But shit really starts to get weird on Movement, and the sudden spurts of aggression by the vocals, coupled with the random sounding riffs and unpredictable, inconsistent rhythm of the music all completely mess with the listener’s head. If you felt that Meshuggah was extreme on first listen, Psychofagist‘s Songs of Faint and Distortion certainly takes things up a notch over here.

Yet the cues that Psychofagist take can be rather clear at times, and the short spurts of aggression at times reek of grindcore influences, though obviously things here are much more than just that. Also, true to the title of the album, songs such as Digression into Distortion contain nothing but a repetitive, distorted note played throughout the song, ensuring that the experience of listening to the album remains as uneasy as possible at all times (which the band has certainly managed to achieve).

The music on Songs of Faint and Distortion certainly defy any form of classification, despite the influences from the various genres that can be spotted throughout the album. If one were looking for a challenging album to listen to, Songs of Faint and Distortion is certainly the album to go for.