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Like a dragon from the depths of hell - 90%

In, July 1st, 2012

Look at that album cover. Seriously, just look at it. That cover art is fucking wicked. After doing some research, I discovered that it was painted by this guy named Antichrist Kramer, who paints the cover arts for all of Inquisition's albums. I hate Inquisition, but I love the cover arts. Now, does the music match up with the album cover? Yes. Yes it does. These guys fucking deliver.

Pseudogod has been prowling around the Russian death metal scene for years, but this is the first time I've ever heard of them. Yes, I am ashamed of myself for this. How was I able to miss out on something like this? Deathwomb Catechesis is a suffocating maelstrom of rumbling bass, hellish guitars, and unearthly growls.

As I've said before, the production is thick and murky, which creates an atmosphere where the riffs swirl violently around you in a cataclysmic cacophony. Speaking of riffs, this album is stuffed with a shitload of riffs. Every second of music is occupied by a riff that was crafted and honed with absolute precision. In other words, these riffs are killer, catchy, and have a great tone. They even have room to squeeze in some amazing, old-school-inspired solos.

The bass is tremendous and adds another layer to the already thick atmosphere. The drums maybe a bit hard to hear, but they pound away like the engine of a war machine from hell. The vocals are easily the most unforgettable part of this album. The growls sound more like the roars of a dragon. When combined with a healthy dose of reverb, they really drive the madness home.

This album is unfiltered, unholy war. This is the kind of album that encourages you to steal a tank, pop the album into the stereo, crank the volume up to max, and start blowing the shit out of your neighborhood. I guarantee that you will enjoy this album. That is, until the army shows up.