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Cool last studio album: essential! - 87%

Metal_Thrasher90, May 23rd, 2008

This is such an excellent release of The Plasmatics, after all their golden years, and the following record to the masterpiece “Coup d’Etat”. Five years had passed since it and Wendy had tried with solo career with the help form Gene Simmons of Kiss. The band joined again to record what it would be the last Plasmatics studio album, unfortunately.

“Maggots: The Record” is a conceptual album that tells a kind of sci-fi and horror story about mutant worms which take control on the future city of New York, with a typical American family as main characters, the White’s. In my opinion I think anybody would expect such a work like this, from a punk band like The Plasmatics, but anyway, that’s a really interesting and cool album.

About the sound, I’ve to say that also maybe anybody would expected specially the killer metal sound on the record. The bands continues with the metal style on “Coup D’Etat”, this time harder, louder and faster. Wendy seemed to forget her sound on “WOW” and “Kommander Of Kaos”, which was more into commercial rock, similar to Kiss. Songs like “Destroyers”, “Propagators” and “Finale” demonstrate it, I even would consider them as speed metal tracks. Aggressive, fast and solid, “Maggots: The Record” is such a great album which also features an excellent production that contributes to build that raw sound. Plasmatics definitively moved away from their early punk style and reached a powerful metal sound, but keeping their underground and antisocial attitude.

On other hand, I’ve to say that the need to narrate the story after each sound affects a bit the final result. Five of the ten tracks (the half album), are narrating passages, so there are only five songs on “Maggots: The Record”.

In conclusion, this album is an awesome true metal record that won’t disappoint any Plasmatics fan and an essential work on a punk/metal collection that also demonstrates the connection between those legendary music styles.