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Really Nothing Good! - 20%

FeusTheController, October 2nd, 2004

After a magnificent debut album and five years of silence, Phantom Blue have presented us extremely disappointing work. A gloomy and viscous material, with strong alternative smack, which has not been rescued even with production of ingenious Max Norman. Fast opener "Nothing Good", response to its name, but it is not yet awful, has quite good riff and solid drive, though very bluesy and has a weak melody. Mid-tempo track " Time To Run " it is through penetrated with influence of SOUNDGARDEN and ALICE IN CHAINS. After the horrible cover of Thin Lizzy's " Bad Reputation ", follows " My Misery ", the standard glam-rock ballad in major, not irritating but also not outstanding . Other material is made under three previous recipes - standard for 1993 semi-alternative commercial heavy glam-rock. All it is the very sad end for, probably, the most talented all-female heavy metal band.And both the clean sound and good guitar working is not capable to change the status-quo.