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Raw, messy death/thrash - 90%

VaderCrush, July 28th, 2007

This short three-track demo is all I've heard of Pentagram's material, but from what I'm hearing they're not bad at all. Sharp death metal riffs(Morbid Angel style, none of that brutal bullshit) and shouting thrash vocals in the vein of Celtic Frost and Slayer are the name of Pentagram's game, and they certainly pull it off. The production is quite grimy as you would expect a demo of this age to be, but like so many other bands this only adds to the vicious soundscape that Pentagram is creating.
Instruments are balanced perfectly. The chugging bass is present, but doesn't drown out everything else like many DM bands, instead giving way for the excellent guitarist. The drummer, Eduardo Topelberg, is excellent, though the production on the drums can sometimes make it sound like he's hitting pillows. He really shines when the music speeds up, like in "Profaner"(which in itself is a roller coaster of speed alternations.
Though overall short, the appeal of this little demo is hard to resist. Get it if you enjoy classic Death Metal, and especially if you like great thrash, which this album leans a little heavier into.

More asskicking Pentagram. Yipeeee! - 89%

Estigia666, August 10th, 2003

Since this was recorded 8 months after the first demo there isn't much difference in sound. The influence is the same (Slayer fucking Possessed), but here the guys opted to screw around with the songwriting and add MORE riffing-per-tune, thus beating you more effectively (Happyyyyy).

The highlight here is definitely "Profaner". This song exploits the idea of change after change through riff alternation or simply appearing when less expected, adding different moods to it. Going from eerie one-note riffs to some more complexity, all in one song. This was a band that didn't conform with beating you senseless to the ground, but also haunted your mind with ghoulish patterns to go hand-in-hand with the lyricism presented.

Hopefully anyone reading this WILL take my word on it and GET both of the demos. I don't know for sure if it's easily available outside of Chile, but (aside from trading) you could get the two demos plus a couple of live tracks on the relatively new CD version. It's your choice, either you get these or you perish in the shame like the loser you are.