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A forgotten piece of primordial death/thrash - 89%

Thrasher53, July 28th, 2008

Pentagram are one of the better known bands to come out of the over-looked Chilean metal scene which had many great bands such as Necrosis, Torturer, and Criminal (post-Pentagram). Pentagram's raw brand of primordial death/thrash stood out from others that clogged the South American scene due to the bands song writing and rich combination of influences. They would prove to be massively influential to bands, such as Napalm Death, who were very active on the tape trading scene. This album can be considered another piece of the great puzzle that was the extreme metal scene in the mid-late 80's, and as such is an important yet over-looked piece of history.

The production is an obvious garage demo job but fits the primordial nature of the music very well. The music is in the style of Morbid Visions era Sepultura except with a more clear Slayer influence as well as a better grasp of songwriting. While the music shows off its collection of Morbid riffing, the lyrics tell chilling tales of apocalypse, satanism, and war which keeps the music nice and heavy. The vocals are pure morbid puking that remind me of a young Max Cavelera on a similar sounding full length from a year earlier (Morbid Visions). In general the music could be approximated to the german bands as well as the south american bands.

"Fatal Predictions" starts off with an eerie sort of intro before turning into a blend of morbid as fuck riffing which reminds me of Necrovore in a less developed style. "Demoniac Possession" totally apes the Possessed style and sound and is by and far the most crushing track on here. The final track "Spell of The Pentagram" is a more thrashy affair which reminds me of a bridge between Possessed's "Seven Churches" and later more thrashy style (though don't miss the morbid as fuck riff at 4:!1 total classic!). Overall Pentagram show a knack for both tempo changes and song writing on this album that doesn't quite fully come out, although the material is still very good, and in the vein of other raw South American death/thrash. While this material is still very top notch, it wouldn't be until their second demo that the legendary Pentagram would perfect their raw morbid sound.

Highly recommended for thrashers, old-school death metal fans, and even fans of early/first wave black metal. This album is an essential piece of south american metal, and a look through the eyes of these musicians message of raw, satanic, and evil death/thrash.

Chile's finest stuff ever - 100%

ANGELRIPPER89, January 24th, 2006

Where to begin?? This is the best demo I have ever heard. This is awesome stuff, without any flaws or any apparent downfall. Everything played here is ranging from ultra-great to exceptionnal. Personnally I prefer this demo way better than the second (which is fucking killer too) cause of the evil atmosphere it has. It isn't grim or nekro, like all those brack/war-mart metar bands who try to "emulate" on their "music" nowadays. This is pure Slayer / Possessed worship of the highest order, but don't worry, it's original in its own sense.
The three tracks here are way beyond what I expected from that band. Epicness is wisely used, riffs are exceptionnally awesome and the vocals are what you get from the best death/thrash outfits. Fatal Prediction is probably my favourite song here, even though if the two others destroy everything too.
The songstructures are themselves very well-written and ideas are awesomely used. I have the compilation which has the two demos and I was said that the production was better on it than on the original stuff... to me, it's excellent. Perfect!!
This, of course, has not been topped since it's release. And will never be.
Any fans of Slayer / Possessed / Venom NEED to hear that. They will love it instantly, if not, they're simply deaf goddamnit.

A great work of occult metal. A must. - 91%

Estigia666, August 10th, 2003

Pentagram's demos are two of the best works ever to come up from Chile at one point of it's metal history. It quickly went through the underground tape trading circuit so thrash maniacs from all around the world got to know it. It influenced a handful of bands, from Avulsed to Napalm Death, passing through less known (but equally arsekicking) modern underground bands like Bloodstorm. So, it must not came as a surprise that Mitch Harris played "Demoniac Possession" with the chilean Criminal (Anton's post-Pentagram band) in 1997.

The music: take a Black Sabbath-like ideal of a crushing-as-fuck guitar tone, strong and solid thrash drumming, riffs that are Early-Slayer-meets-Possessed and you may have an almost accurate idea on how these guys got their sound. Couple that with lyrics dealing mostly with the occult and presto!

Starting with an EERIE acoustic intro (not your usual acoustic passage, that's for sure), "Fatal Deception" kicks in with a full bludgeoning attack. Anton's vocals are "special" (for some it may take time to get used to them), more shouted than growled and sounds 100% pissed off 100% all the time. And are 100% effective. The thrashy riffs on this song mutate and culminate in some rapidly evil-sounding trem riffs in the middle that instantly reminded me of Possessed's "The Exorcist". The aforementioned "Demoniac Possession" is Hell Awaits mixed in with some more Possessed (The verse riffs sound almost EXACTLY like those of "Pentagram"). "Spell of the Pentagram" starts like none of the above and evolve to culminate (right after "Mistery, Revelation / Blessing, Damnation") in a killer riff of the kind that Slayer later did on South of Heaven and Seasons of the Abyss that CRUSHES all in its path without mercy nor consideration (I wouldn't have it any other way).

Like what you heard? On with "Demo II"......