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Not a bad album, but nothing overly exciting - 71%

thebrutalfive, March 2nd, 2013

I had never heard of Pathology until they headlined the Summer Slaughter Survivors tour in 2012. I discovered "The Time of Great Purification" on YouTube via their music video for the second song on the album "Tyrannical Decay". I found this to be a very catchy song, so i decided the buy the album. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the best song on the record, and later lost its potency.

"The Time of Great Purification", Pathology's 6th full length, is both brutal, and a bit boring. The best part about the record is the percussion. Drummer and founder David Astor provides a decent drumming performance throughout, and I'm not sure if I ever heard him stop his double bass pedals in the whole album. Which isn't a bad thing, just an observation. The guitar and bass performances are nothing too special. Each give an equal effort, and there are a few guitar solos. They were pretty good, but they were too few in my book. Vocalist Jon Huber gives a consistent performance, and by consistent, I mean they are generally the same sound throughout the entire album.

I found each passing song to sound very similar to the previous one, and it was often hard to tell when each song stopped and another began. Before I knew it, the album was over, and I thought it was just one half hour long song. Compared to previous efforts from Pathology, "The Time of Great Purification" is mediocre at best. On past albums, the guitar work was much better, and songs did not seem to all mold into one similar song.

In a nutshell, "The Time of Great Purification" was a short lived joy of brutal death metal and slam. I listened to past Pathology albums for a comparison, and the writing is far superior. With the return of former guitarist Tim Tiszczenko and vocalist Matti Way, the future albums of Pathology have more promise to them, and I will be eager to here the new material coming out later in 2013. Also, with the band being finished with their three album contract on Victory Records, they have signed with Sevared Records, going back to their underground roots. This may also change their sound and writing as well, so be on the lookout for the changes.

If you enjoy basic brutal death metal and slam, you may find "The Time of Great Purification" to be the album for you. If not, wait for their new album to come out, and enjoy the old lineup of Pathology once again.