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Some Ownage and mostly crap mixed together. - 46%

Reaper, October 10th, 2004

All right, why the hell does this album have amazing kickass songs like “Perry Mason” and bullshit songs that should have never been recorded like “Thunder Underground,” and “Denial,” together on one album? This is such an inconsistent album that it’s difficult to listen to it in one seating. This album is a clear indication of Ozzy’s career going downhill, and fast.

The album begins as best as it could, with “Perry Mason,” and amazing song that offers one of Ozzy’s best vocal performances and one of the best Ozzy melodies. The song is powerful and upbeat as opposed to the other wankery that this album has to offer. Ozzy’s career has always been sort of the polar opposite of the Manowar career. Manowar has been inconsistent because they include one or two shitty ballads among almost all of their albums, while Ozzy includes one or two incredible songs on his albums, while the rest is either mediocre or pure crap.

The second and third tracks “I Just Want You,” and “Ghost Behind My Eyes,” are still tolerable, but show a decline in the album’s overall consistency. “I Just Want You” offers a pleasant sing-along chorus and is an overall enjoyable ballad. “Ghost Behind My Eyes,” is a bit weaker but the melody is pleasant and the sound is a bit of a departure from the same forceful attempt at trying to produce a hit, as Ozzy has done in the past.

Track four is where the shit hits the fan. “Thunder Underground,” is where everything starts to suck, for lack of a better word. Inconsistency at it’s best, sort of. Track four is an abomination of a song. A weak melody and a weak attempt at trying to play the guitars, mixed with Ozzy’s tired vocals. The vocals are akin to what can be heard on the 2001 release, Down to Earth. The lyrics suck and the vocals suck. What in the hell was Ozzy thinking/taking at the time of writing this song? What was he thinking/taking when he decided to release this album? In my opinion, Ozzy should have hung it up back in the late 80’s.

Another abomination is “Denial.” This song is pretty much the same song as Ozzy’s later song “Gets Me Through.” It’s just another one of those “I’m not the devil, nor the Iron Man” bullshit songs. The vocals get even more irritating and nasal in this song as they sound as if they were computer generated. Why can’t Ozzy just sing like a normal person that hasn’t been taking drugs for the last 30 years…… oh….right…...

Most of the songs on this album have no substance at all, they’re not memorable at all, and have irritating nasal vocals, like no other Ozzy album, excluding “Down to Earth.” There is no depth in this album, sort of like most other Ozzy albums, but even more so. The only songs worth listening to are tracks 1, 2, 3 and 5, the rest is utter bullshit that should have never been attempted. Do yourself a favor and do not get this album. Get the Ozzman Cometh and download the standout tracks from this album and you’ll be set.