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This album redefines inconsistency. - 54%

Nightcrawler, August 17th, 2003

I'll get right to the point: This album has too many fucking ballads. I Just Want You: Ballad. Ghost Behind My Eyes: Ballad. See You On The Other Side: Ballad. Denial: Ballad. My Little Man: Ballad. Old L.A. Tonight: Ballad.
5 songs out of 10 are ballads. That should be illegalized or something, cause it completely ruins an album with potential to be great.

The album has a generally darker vibe than most other Ozzy albums, and is in general much heavier than most of his back catalogue, except maybe No Rest For The Wicked. This might have something to do with the appearance of Geezer Butler who takes bass duties on this album, and does it really well, of course.
This slightly dark feeling remains on several of the ballads, which could make them a bit more interesting than most of Ozzy's ballads, but that is not the case.
I Just Want You, Ghost Behind My Eyes, Denial and My Little Man are all unusually boring, even for Ozzy's standards. The later two are in fact really fucking awful.
The closing track Old L.A. Tonight though, is a very inspiring and powerful track, which definitely stands out as being exceptionally good, and one of the album's major highlights.
But of course, it's the heavy tracks that truly gain from this darker vibe. Tracks like Perry Mason, Thunder Underground and My Jekyll Doesn't Hide shows a sinister side of Ozzy that we haven't seen since Bloodbath in Paradise, or even some old Sabbath stuff.
These songs are what lift this album up somewhat, despite the already mentioned fact that more than half of Ozzmosis consists of ballads. Perry Mason has that atmospheric keyboard intro and the incredibly cool chorus. Thunder Underground has a devastating, midpaced rhythm that will get your head banging in no time. My Jekyll Doesn't Hide has that really cool mental feeling over it all. What they all have in common, is really fucking heavy riffwork.
Zakk Wylde gets to bust out some really nice riffs on occasion on this album, which was definitely missing on the previous No More Tears. His solos, though, are not quite as excellent as they use to be, even though they're still pretty great.

Somewhere in between the ballads and the crushingly heavy tracks lies Tomorrow. The verses are pretty atmospheric and balladic, and so is the solo. But the pre-chorus and chorus is heavy as hell, and really catchy too. It's a very cool song all in all. But, not that either is enough to redeem this failure of a record.

Because, despite the fact that Perry Mason, Thunder Underground, My Jekyll Doesn't Hide, Old L.A. Tonight and Tomorrow are all very good songs, there is an entirety of six ballads on this album, and only one of them are at all worth listening to. Ozzmosis qualifies as my least favourite Ozzy album, and nowadays he just seems to be going downhill. I don't know if I dare to purchase Down to Earth...