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Like an angry porcupine.... - 87%

Ktulu, September 3rd, 2002

When I first heard this album, I had no idea who Overkill was. Well, I knew they were a thrash band from the eastern side of the USA, but that was it. Boy! Am I glad I bought this! Like the title of my review says, this album just reminds me of some angry, rabid porcupine going insane. And that basically describes Overkill perfectly, the snarliest of all thrash bands. All the good stuff is here, from their first album to the then-new WFO, everything is represented. There's a completely balls-out rendition of "Rotten to the Core" which completely slays the album version, as does a lot of the stuff on this album.

Sad to say, I've never seen Overkill live, but I imagine this is probably a pretty good rendition of what it's like. Hell! I'm wrecking my neck in my bedroom listening to this, forget what it must be like in the flesh!