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Too perfect - 85%

Symphony_Of_Terror, February 26th, 2004

I have seen overkill play live three times and this is not what they sound like at all. This album almost sounds like they took songs off their albums and put screaming fans over them. The place this was recorded at probally had better sound quality than the shit holes in nj I saw them at, so I will take that into consideration.
What I do Like about this album is it starts off strong with great tracks, which do sound a little better live on this album....but not by much. And the album ends strong. The last four songs are the best on this live record, because it has the most involvement with the audience, it actually sounds like the band is playing live, if the whole album were like this it would be amazing. The highlight of this album is The Years of Decay because is has a raw live sound to it. Also some other good moments are when blitz makes fun of nj and Tim.
What I don't like I kinda mentioned allready, the quality just seems to good, at times it does sounds like overkill albums on a stereo being played to a large room of fans. And my dislike for this sound comes only from me seeing them play live much better. So if you have seen them live don't expect to much from this album. Another Thing about this album is it seems to go into a slump between tracks 6-9. I usually skip those when listening to them.
If you haven't seen them live this album is very good, also its good for fans getting into overkill, because it has a nice selcetion of new and old.
Best songs on this album
-Years Of Decay

By it if your an overkill fan or want to know what are over kills best songs.