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Leaves you in pieces - 95%

StillDeath, March 22nd, 2004

Overkill latest live album is one of “those” recordings. You know which ones. You put in the cd for the first time, listen to a few songs. Then take out the disk. Clean your room of any breakables. Put on a metal shirt, if you weren’t wearing one. Then crank the son of a bitch and go into a metal frenzy!! I pity a person who has to listen to this and to sit still, this was meant for moshing and for self-inflicted injuries. Overkill is basically the thrash metal equivalent of Motorhead. Their live albums force you to stop what you are doing, tell your neighbours to stick it and start yelling together with the band and the crowd.

Overkill perform some of their best songs in front of a home crowd in NJ.
“Shall we continue with this madness?” Overkill know their audience. We want the sweetest kind of pain – the pain of being torn apart by riffs! Not every song tears into your body like a pride of starving lions, there is a ballad here too, “The Years of Decay”. This how metal ballads should be done - genuine, that lull you into a sentimental daze and then ….decapitates you with a vicious fury!! Every song has something different and memorable. The common thread – metal of the catchy, genuine, pain-inflicting kind. I will just end up listing them all. By the time “Overkill” starts playing you will feel the meaning of “overkill seals your fate”. Fuck everything else, there is nothing else I want to be doing right now, nothing else I want to hear right now, and if someone interferes with my frenzy of metal they are gonna feel the same pain that I do now!!

In closing, buy this right now – it is one of “those” albums after all.