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...but not everyone - 55%

autothrall, July 16th, 2012

Overkill's second live record was recorded in their native New Jersey turf, and featured a more compact set on one disc that was released alongside a DVD version. By this point the band had an entirely new pair of guitarists, Dave Linsk who had come aboard a few years prior, and Derek 'The Skull' Tailer, a more recent addition, so they've still got that extra rhythm guitar as with the previous live released in 1995. All told, the better selections here are superior in sound to Wrecking Your Neck Live, but that's also the catch: to get there, you've gotta ford a number of lame bounce metal tracks from some of the band's mediocre records, and the general quality of chosen material throughout the 13 cuts cycles back and forth between classic and nearly intolerable.

"Necroshine" (from the 1999 album of the same name) and "Thunderhead" (off Bloodletting) are a pretty poor choice to kick off this order, and to be honest with you they sound even more like lame examples of throwaway 90s groove metal in the live setting than their studio counterparts. Boasting some of the most uninteresting chord progressions in the band's entire catalog, which belong more to any random Machine Head/Pantera jump da fuc up bar band than the black and green, they hardly breed much anticipation for what follows. Thankfully, Blitz' presence is cutting and focused enough that you can, with some level of perseverance, make it nearer the middle of the disc where songs like "I Hate", "Shred" and "Deny the" fuckin' "Cross" await your attention. Hilarious to me that these oldies sound so much tighter and driven than the newer material here; it's almost like the band just knows those are the money shots, and are shoveling the crap out of the way just to push a few records they're actually touring on at the merchandise table.

Still, not all the classics get a great treatment here. "E.vil N.ever D.ies" seems a little limp, "In Union We Stand" a bit dry and repetitious despite the fans' love and involvement, and every time I listen to this I almost blank out by the time the eponymous closer "Overkill" arrives. There's another sequence of newer material with a few From the Underground and Below Tracks ("Long Time Dyin'", "It Lives") which has its moments, and the rare performance of "The Years of Decay" is not too shabby (if you like the original), but ultimately "Deny the Cross" and "Shred" destroy every other song on this several times over, even the rest of the oldies, and it makes me wonder if placing "Electro-Violence", "Rotten to the Core", "Wrecking Crew" and a handful of other goodies in the set in place of....fucking "Battle" or the lamentable "Necroshine" would not have improved it?

Despite my disdain at a few of the set choices, though, Wrecking Everything Live at least sounds decent. You get all of Blitz' great banter between the performances, and the guy sounds great singing. The backing vocals are pathetic, from the overbearing grunts to the flimsier single lines, but the bass is incredibly full sounding and the guitars juicy and thick, a double-edged sword as it makes some of the banal grooves on the newer tunes sound even more goofy. I'm just faced, once again, with the plain fact that my fallout of interest in Overkill throughout the 90s renders another of their live albums 'not really for me', while I'm sure some dude in a wifebeater and who crushes beer cans on his forehead while hailing W.F.O. and Necroshine as the greatest thrash albums of the 20th century will get his money's worth. You win some, you lose some, I just wish I hadn't bought the season pass.


Leaves you in pieces - 95%

StillDeath, March 22nd, 2004

Overkill latest live album is one of “those” recordings. You know which ones. You put in the cd for the first time, listen to a few songs. Then take out the disk. Clean your room of any breakables. Put on a metal shirt, if you weren’t wearing one. Then crank the son of a bitch and go into a metal frenzy!! I pity a person who has to listen to this and to sit still, this was meant for moshing and for self-inflicted injuries. Overkill is basically the thrash metal equivalent of Motorhead. Their live albums force you to stop what you are doing, tell your neighbours to stick it and start yelling together with the band and the crowd.

Overkill perform some of their best songs in front of a home crowd in NJ.
“Shall we continue with this madness?” Overkill know their audience. We want the sweetest kind of pain – the pain of being torn apart by riffs! Not every song tears into your body like a pride of starving lions, there is a ballad here too, “The Years of Decay”. This how metal ballads should be done - genuine, that lull you into a sentimental daze and then ….decapitates you with a vicious fury!! Every song has something different and memorable. The common thread – metal of the catchy, genuine, pain-inflicting kind. I will just end up listing them all. By the time “Overkill” starts playing you will feel the meaning of “overkill seals your fate”. Fuck everything else, there is nothing else I want to be doing right now, nothing else I want to hear right now, and if someone interferes with my frenzy of metal they are gonna feel the same pain that I do now!!

In closing, buy this right now – it is one of “those” albums after all.

Too perfect - 85%

Symphony_Of_Terror, February 26th, 2004

I have seen overkill play live three times and this is not what they sound like at all. This album almost sounds like they took songs off their albums and put screaming fans over them. The place this was recorded at probally had better sound quality than the shit holes in nj I saw them at, so I will take that into consideration.
What I do Like about this album is it starts off strong with great tracks, which do sound a little better live on this album....but not by much. And the album ends strong. The last four songs are the best on this live record, because it has the most involvement with the audience, it actually sounds like the band is playing live, if the whole album were like this it would be amazing. The highlight of this album is The Years of Decay because is has a raw live sound to it. Also some other good moments are when blitz makes fun of nj and Tim.
What I don't like I kinda mentioned allready, the quality just seems to good, at times it does sounds like overkill albums on a stereo being played to a large room of fans. And my dislike for this sound comes only from me seeing them play live much better. So if you have seen them live don't expect to much from this album. Another Thing about this album is it seems to go into a slump between tracks 6-9. I usually skip those when listening to them.
If you haven't seen them live this album is very good, also its good for fans getting into overkill, because it has a nice selcetion of new and old.
Best songs on this album
-Years Of Decay

By it if your an overkill fan or want to know what are over kills best songs.

Over Kill Wrecks Live!!! - 95%

PowerMetalGuardian, February 24th, 2003

I have said it many times before and I will continue to say it many more times! Live albums make or break bands! And for this live album Over Kill definetly makes! Why is Over Kill one of the most popular bands to play live? This album is why. The sound quality on this album is excellent! Almost as good as a studio album! The musicianship is just excellent; no instrument over powers another. The riffs up to the drum beats are copied as if they came right off the real albums. Another reason why this live album kicks ass! Let me explain a bit: to many times have I seen bands come out with live albums and or compilations, only to throw all their new songs on them, rejecting the past stuff. This album does not do that at all. In fact Over Kill manages to take something from Bloodletting (there newest album) and something from their debut (Feel the Fire). This is awsome for two types of fans! This is great for the old fans because they get Over Kill blasting the new stuff and the old classics. This is also great for new fans becuase not only do they get the new stuff, but they get a feel for Over Kill's 80 years, which might lead them to listen and purchase all there other stuff. One more great thing about this album is the word "fuck". I started counting but lost count after 20. Blitz says fuck so many fucking times it is fucking unbelievable! Fuck I can't even say fuck that many fucking times without fucking up. FUCK! In conclusion, you won't be dissapointed with this album! It is a must for all metal heads!!!!

Overkill live: there is none higher - 92%

UltraBoris, August 3rd, 2002

I actually saw Overkill live two days before they recorded this album. That was my 2nd time seeing the band, and I had always thought that they were the absolute best live band I've ever seen. Their first few live albums had done a decent job of capturing that sound, but somehow not quite as well as, say "Priest in the East" or "No Sleep 'til Hammersmith".

This is the album that gets it right. The production is absolutely impeccable - the mix a bit unusual, but very nicely done. The track selection is solid, though the DVD version does have Fuck You, among other things. Sorry, there goes 2 points right there. I love the official version, but I listen to the mp3s that I got ripped from the DVD more ;-) That one's got 23 tracks, which matches the setlist from when I saw them (except Feel the Fucken Fire and Hammerhead - I think they only played those two in Boston!), so that one I am guessing is complete (sort of, though the DVD also has Hello from the Gutter). Ah well, if you wanted the ultimate Overkill concert, it would be about 58 songs, at least.

Oh yeah, back to the album at hand. The official Overkill site has a sample ( - it's "Evil Never Dies", and pretty much is a good representative of the whole album, so if you like that, you will definitely like the rest. Highlights: Deny the Cross (where did they pull that from???), Gasoline Dream (DVD only), Overkill, Bleed Me, oh the whole fucking thing.

Plain and simple, this is the best Overkill release yet. They join Slayer, Judas Priest, and others, in the big list of bands whose live albums are better than their studio efforts.