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Fantastic home Vid by East Coast legends - 90%

overkill67, July 30th, 2004

Clocking in at around 46 minutes...this Home video is basically an introduction to Overkill's new guitar players(at that time) and all four of their previously released video's right back to the inception of the band. Filled with humor and metal, this video is truly worth owning not only for any "kill" fan, but any fan of the thrash metal genre. The quality of the footage is execellent, considering alot of it is basically a couple of cameras capturing Overkill behind the scenes and at their rehearsal space in Hawethorne New Jersey. Each band member is interviewed fairly in depth and there is even some behind the scenes studio footage, where we catch a glimpse of the back of Terry Date's head. Some of the rehearsal stuff is awesome, with Merritt Gant playing his own rendition of the "birth of tension" solo. Sid Falck will truly have you in stiches with some of his comments..."what's it like to be the drummer in Overkill?"...IT SUCKS!
"what do you have to say to your fans?"...FUCK YOU! ha ha ha ha! like I said, these guys, as professional as they are, definately have a sense of humor and if anything, this video is actually FUN!
My only complaint is that it should have been longer...otherwise, I'm glad I bought it.