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Could do with all the albums on it, but.... - 85%

John, April 17th, 2003

Well, as this was my first introduction to Overkill's Music (about 3/4 months ago), I would otherwise have picked a studio album, but this was the only one in the store (or the whole of the city, for that matter).

There is different material from Feel The Fire to Bloodletting (although The Years of Decay, W.F.O. and some others are missing), including some live tracks (which aren't up to the live-ness of Maiden).

Packed onto 2 CDs with 100+ mins of music, it is quite a comprehensive collection, even for a best-of.

Basically, The main problem is that the scope of material could be wider

Otherwise, a good intro to a Overkill newbie as it gives a history, and also tels you which albums the songs are on so you can find the albums with your favourite songs on, but older, more veteran fans may want to give it a miss as there is no new material.

A good choice for the newbies and collectors.