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Hardest working Thrash band ever! - 98%

overkill67, July 5th, 2004

Hello from the fuckin' gutter people. Overkill are the ultimate expression of what a true trash band is all about. An angry vocalist, a solid rythm section, shredding leads and a drummer that sounds like he's having a fuckin' seizure.
From the Underground and below is an array of mindblowing molten thrash metal masterpieces with such a stellar production that you'd almost think these guys were on a major label. From the snapping snare poppin' intro to It lives right up until A little bit "o" murder, this album never strays very far from the realm of genius. No weak songs, no ineffective songs...just pure crowd pleasing monotonous generic THRASH in the vein that only Overkill can produce. Aside from Horrorscope, which was probably the best album of 1991, this is OverKill's 2nd best album and is one of the top ten thrash metal albums of the 90's. Sebastian Marino's guitar work is breathtaking and his leads are so reminiscent of the shrapnel label recording artists that any guitar nut simply cannot deny the ability of this man and his "axe". Blitz is in top form and gives his best ballad performance on Promises. Tim Mallare is a fucking menace behind his kit and often sounds like an octopus on meth. DD and Joe chunk along carrying a rythm section of crunch and mosh for all those who care. This is another great album from one of the most important bands of the genre and it belongs in any self-proclaimed metalheads collection.