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The worst Overkill album. - 65%

Ktulu, April 27th, 2003

This was one of the first Overkill albums I ever heard and let me tell ya, it gave me the absolute wrong impression about them. This album is just a jumbled mess of good riffs mixed up with bad ideas and goofy lyrics/vocals. For the most part the album is pretty mediocre all the way through, with some detours to greatness, and other detours to complete shit.

The album starts off with "It Lives", one of the better tunes, and is quite the headbanger. Next is "Save Me", which has a really silly sample thrown in but other than, it's a pretty good song as well. Then we start to go downhill. "Long Time Dyin'" is decent but the majority of the chorus ruins it. "Genocya" is a complete fucking abortion, while "Half Past Dead" matches it, except for it's cool chorus. "F.U.C.T." picks it up a little, as it gets a little more thrashy, with a bit of a stompin' groove thing going on. "I'm Alright" is another waste of four minutes, while "The Rip N' Tear" is better, although silly in some places. The last two tracks, "Promises" and "Little Bit O' Murder" are crap as well, and are quite forgettable.

In my opinion, this album should have been a 5-song EP. Either that, or none of it should have seen the light of day. At any rate, this album is for Overkill die-hards or completists only. If you're not one of those, stay away and just download the good ones mentioned above.