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Cornerstone of modern Metalcore - 83%

CrowTRobot, August 21st, 2004

It seems rather peculiar that a given genre of music may start out with good enough intentions, yet degenerate into utter shit within a matter of years. Overcast set the foundations for countless bands who seek to combine Hardcore ethics with Metal tendencies, a brand of music commonly labeled as "Metalcore". Members of such now infamous disasters as Killswitch Engage and Shadows fall appear on this release, and their abilities are actually utilized to good effect. Avoiding the common jumpdafuckup breakdowns of more recent efforts in the genre is the key to this release.

Vocalist Brian Fair offers an adequate mix of clean and harsh vocals without delving too far into the typically annoying hardcore shout. Guitarists Scott McCooe and Pete Cortese lay down solid riff foundations and generally avoid focusing specifically on lead guitar in any song. In fact, the riff work draws some similarities to that of "The Book Of Truth" by Ceremonial Oath. It is therefore obvious that the Gothenburg style had already largely influenced this school of thought, for better or worse. Drums and bass are decent. I feel that better drumming would have added a few points to this score, but as it stands you cannot do much better in terms of a memorable Metalcore album. Highly recommended.