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What the Hell Just Happened to me? - 85%

UnchainTheWolves, December 16th, 2007

Well, if you don't know of Origin, they don't need much introduction. They play very brutal and very technical death metal at really fucking fast speeds. As soon as the insect/fly sounds end in the first track 'Larvae of the Lie' you know this is going to be one hell of an audio assault.

Every aspect of this album stands out and they still manage to fit in well with each other. Vocally on this album you've got the standard (and very powerful) death growls with an added twist, there are quite a few black metal type shrieks and screeches which is actually a nice change on a technical death metal album.

And onto the drumming. To sum it up in a few words, this drummer pounds the shit out of the kit at breakneck speeds. This is some of the fastest stuff you will ever hear, I'm surprised that someone can actually play drums this fast without getting tired halfway through a song. And these songs are pretty short, so you get the picture.

And the guitar work and riffing on this album is quite good too, and it is played really fucking fast at well. They manage to play some really technical riffs at breakneck speeds that most people probably wouldn't be able to play at half time. It's that fast, people. The good thing about this is that the riffs still manage to sound good even played at the speed they are played at. Also, there are zero guitar solos on this album, so if you're a sucker for solos, you may be a little disappointed with this album.

There's only one problem I have with this album, and that is the length of the album. It only lasts 28 minutes, so it almost feels as soon as album is just getting good, it's over. But these guys manage to pack a whole ton of technicality, brutality, and speed into this album, so it somewhat makes up for it.

Overall this is a very good album. I recommend this album to anyone looking for some quality technical/brutal death metal. The short length and speed of this album may turn off some listeners, but there is a whole lot to be found in this album.