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Real balls - 89%

mad_submarine, February 24th, 2013

Orchid has been my favourite new band for the last few months. It one of the best discoveries I made this year, honestly, and for "Capricorn", it is in my top 3 best albums of 2011. As a fan of retro rock, vintage rock, you name it, I can't pass by without saying some nice words.

The first song I heard from this band was 'Eastern Woman', which by the way is not from the album I'll be talking about. Since then, it has been my telephone ringtone. I tried changing it, but it stubbornly returns after some days. As a composition, it is not something very difficult as a comparatively good player will be able to play it. I'm someone who thinks hard rock should be kept simple just as these guys do. Orchid play this good old rock that, according to me, is the way rock 'n roll should sound: tight guitars, the proper attitude towards the music, riffs that will force you to repeat it in your head, and vocals that have balls. No cheesy singing and no references to soap operas with dragons saving gothic girls. No, this is Black Sabbath in their best years. When Orchid have something to say, they say it with pride and seriousness with clear vocals sung by a man who knows what he is doing.

Even if the music is not very complex, you can see from miles away that Orchid are fairly good musicians. "Capricorn" is not only very different from the modern metal albums (how much I hate modern metal is not even a reality), but also has a character of its own. You would be able to say which song is which after just one listen. There are no fillers here. If I have to pick up my favourite songs from "Capricorn", they will be "Eyes Behind the Wall", "He Who Walks Alone", and "Electric Father". Anyway, as I already stated, all the songs are very good, so your favourite ones can easily be other songs.

I hope I managed to convince you to hear my little heroes. Recommended for fans of Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Master of Reality), Graveyard, and Saint Vitus.