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hell yeah - 84%

ironasinmaiden, April 19th, 2003

Bongs loaded? Check. Lighter in hand? Roger that. Ready for a far out journey, complete with boobs, beer, metal and fucking GROOVES? Damn right you are. Orange Goblin embodies every "stoner rock" cliche', but they are so fucking good at what they do. The Big Black is the better of the two albums I got by em (Frequencies from Planet Ten is slightly tripper, less content)... a raging slab of Kyuss influenced hard rock.

First of all, Ben Ward is a great singer in the classic sense... powerful voice, can't sing a lick and constantly wasted. Opening track Scorpionica is a rootin' tootin hell of a rock song... ditto for Turbo Effalunt and Hot Magic/Red Planet. It's like Sabbath on overdrive with a bit of Iggy thrown in for good measure. And there are RIFFS aplenty and a plethora of clean interludes clearly geared towards the sobriety challenged.

The real highlight is closing track the Big Black... can anybody say DOOM? Heavy as shit in the old school Cathedral style, I was pleasantly suprised.... and stay for the hilarious drunken Ben Ward phone conversation.. funny shit.

Man, if you got a stoner itch let Orange Goblin scratch it. One of the best bands out there keeping the Sabbath dream alive