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Blues-driven stoner metal with class. - 95%

ozzeh, March 24th, 2010

Stoner/doom metal is one of my favorite sub-genres of metal. Obviously paying homage to 70's era Black Sabbath, Orange Goblin released an awesome album nearly up to par with Bible Devil's "Freedom Metal". The template of any modern metal album could be improved upon by adding subtle and not so subtle Led Zeppelin & Black Sabbath influences, not stealing from either immensely influential bands but by adding their own creative flair to the basic sound-scape of the aforementioned instrumental gods.

Stoner metal in the vein of Acid Bath, Freedom Metal & Kyuss is what you'll find here. The music takes on a sludge-like edge with vocals similar to Neurosis' Scott Kelly. The music has a serious infusion of groove-laden blues-based lead guitar work with a grittier production value to help boost the vintage nature of "Healing Through Fire". Rhythm riffs speed along at the pace of Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" and Orange Goblin attacks ones' senses with a distorted wall of sound accompanied by well-timed and capable drumming courtesy of Scott Turner.

The blues back-bone to the majority of these songs are what I personally like the most and the high-paced tempo makes this musical characteristic fresh-sounding and intense. The production values are top-notch fully encapsulating the heart and soul Orange Goblin put into "Healing Through Fire". Most of the leads are pentatonic minor but this is blues based music so it meshes well overall. They're not overy technical but definitely competent musicians capable of writing catchy compositions.

While you're not going to find Thin Lizzy-styled dual leads like with Bible Devil or ripping solos for that matter, the song-writing prowess is ever-present and accentuated by a knack for great song-writing. Good work gentlemen.