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Masters of stoner metal - 95%

Nightwalker, January 9th, 2008

When someone is speaking of filthy hardrock or sleazed stoner metal, the first band that pops into mind is (or should be) Orange Goblin. "Healing Through Fire" honours that title in every possible way imanginable.

While they used to have a more doom sounding stoner approach, that has completely been replaced for the good old way of rock 'n' roll and psychedelic Mardi Gras-tunes like they were straightly imported from Easy Rider. The last song on this album "Beginners Guide to Suicide" is an LSD-based rock 'n' roll trip with an overload of psychedelic instrumental tunes (including harmonica!) and couldn't be more perfect to visualize what I mean. The other songs on the album are much more rock 'n' roll than psychedelic. It's like this band was injected with a Motörhead-shot, snorted some Sabbath and used the same sleazy formula southern metalbands like Black Label Society and Down do. Ofcourse resembling sounds of Kyuss, Spiritual Beggars and Electric Wizard aren't too far away either.

Live this band works like a destructing force for your head and neck, while on the same moment your eardrums explode from the ultraheavy stoner metal they produce. This album is woven together by shredding riffs, drunken vocals and a mindblowing bass sound. Orange Goblin litteraly plays it dirty and are truely an old school motorcycle band.

If this isn't hell, it's the next best thing!