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Undeniably great - 100%

tracyterrorist, August 21st, 2009

It has been 12 years since October Tide's release of Rain Without End, and I felt the need to write a brief review of this album because I feel that this project's fan base is still growing, and I also find this album to be quite amazing. As one of the innovators of the death-doom genre, this album is a perfect balance of both, it neither overdone or undermined. The death metal vocals are present and the riffs are clearly doom, but not droning.

The album cover is very simple as well as the layout, I normally don't include this type of stuff in reviews but I felt that it suited the right mood for this album; desolate and simple, but at the same time consuming and fulfilling. Also just to note; it's hard not to include Katatonia in this review, so you're going to hear their name tossed around a little bit, but I'm sure you were expecting that anyways.

The only lyrics that are available for this album is for "Losing Tomorrow", I'm assuming this is because the lyrics on this album were more personal and would rather leave the listener to decide what is being said and how each song is determined in their own perspective. Although, Mr. Renkse and Norman and have been well known for doing such in Katatonia. This album personally reminds me of Katatonia's 2nd full-length Brave Murder Day, although it is less 'dragging' and more free-flowing from one song to another - "12 Days of Rain" is undoubtedly my favorite song on this album, it never fails to impress me and leaves a feeling of sorrow and bliss at the same time. This whole album delivers itself sincerely and if you have any pre-judgements about this project because you've heard the new depressive-rock era Katatonia and didn't like it, leave whatever presumptions you may have behind and listen to this album as "something new from the past".

Also to add - I was not a big fan of the album after this one, Grey Dawn, which in my opinion lacked the same vibe Rain Without End gave/gives off, so if anyone who is reading this has yet to hear either albums, I would highly recommend listening to Rain Without End first before listening to Grey Dawn; personally the latter didn't quite grow on me. In an old interview I read, Norman had claimed that October Tide has become more of a "cult" project since it never reached the popularity peak as Katatonia, but in retrospective, October Tide is known by fans as the pre-Katatonia era. Although as I stated earlier, I believe October Tide's fan base is still expanding to this day. I personally would like to hear more from this project although it had been laid to rest a long time ago. This will always remain one of the best albums I own, highly recommended for anyone who enjoys this particular genre of music, or otherwise.