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...Of darkness, death and faith review - 95%

UnderworldNoise, July 18th, 2008

Obscure Devotion is a quite old black metal band from Italy. Its birth was back in 1996 but they are not well known yet even if I think they'd absolutely deserve more attention.

I have downloaded their debut album "Son of a dayless night" (released back in 1998) and I must say the music of this band has really impressed me, great song structures, killer guitar riffs, a really good bass work and a mix of growls and high pitched screams...Surely the production was not really professional but good enough to enjoy the tracks.

Some changes in the line-up and 7 years later, here's "...Of darkness, death and faith", a black metal album with no compromises but rich of emotionally intense atmospheres and moments. Speaking about the artwork I can just say it's a quality one, featuring old medieval famous painting from Bosch to Bruegel the old, Memling and others besides of each song lyric that really fit the various song's meanings.

Cabal Dark Moon, founder and leader of Obscure Devotion, wrote for this great album 8 songs of old-school oriented black metal in the modern or actual key with the real difference from the early 90's black metal concerning in technical (sometimes sophisticated) guitar riffs, supported by a powerful and melodic ritmic session with bass counter-chants riffs and a fast and kicking drumming.

In this album, Cabal Dark Moon is also the lead singer while in the past he was on the backing vocals and I must notice his great performance also in this role. His growling and screaming are so cold and freezing that you can feel all the despair and anger without any focusing effort.

Songs like "Dismal wisdom enlightens with darkness", "I'll be the night", "Petals in blood" and "Join the black horde" are true masterpieces in my opinion and epic moments like "Riding the knowledge spirit", the title track and "Prisoner of the light" make the listener really begin a second and different trip that probably will lead him to mystic and scary places and "Dancing macabre melody" is really a song that fit perfectly its title.

Possible comparations could be done speaking of early Emperor and Immortal, Satyricon, Marduk, some Dissection and surely some bay-area death metal act (I say this basing my statement on the clear death metal influences present on this album but honestly I can't say what particular band).

Obscure Devotion is a great band that surely will surprise the listener in some way and I think in the next future they can become a more and more important band in Italy and in the whole European scene.