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Instantly Forgettable Prog-Tech Death - 20%

Malacoda, March 29th, 2009

I am sorry to have to write a review like this for such a clearly talented band, but "Cosmogenesis" is not really metal release. Yes, the guitars are downtuned, there is a growling vocalist, and there is constant double bass and standard metal drums, but the fact remains that this is simply not a heavy album. The vocals are delivered poorly and do not have the necessary characteristic of death growls - anger! The massive emphasis on the bass is a poor choice. Bass guitars can have solos, but when played as another guitar itself just takes away from the whole band. Bass should emphasize the other instruments instead of taking away from them. In this album, it is nothing more than a distraction. The guitarists rarely stray to the lower strings, which people call "progressive". However, in the case of Obscura, it further decreases the heaviness of this album. Death metal should be heavy and raw; brutality is a key element of the genre, but Obscura have none.

Obscura sound like a band that has nothing better to do than play mediocre technical death metal, which they are not trying especially hard to play. If their songs were well-written, I would be more accepting of this, but they're not. Obscura can't find it in them to write a heavy song; they must resort to unmemorable shred or another random bass tapping riff. They sound like a really, really bad ripoff of Necrophagist. After giving this album 7 or 8 listens, I could not recall one song from the other. They are technical, but in an age where technicality is now useless without songwriting, Obscura have to do better than this. Overall, there are three qualities that truly make a death metal album: songwriting, brutality, and a working band. Obscura don't have the brutality or the songwriting, and the band does not work that well together. There always seems to either be something missing, or too much going on. "Cosmogenesis" simply cannot compare to albums like The Faceless's "Planetary Duality" and Necrophagist's "Epitaph". This receives 20% just for sheer technicality, a high rank for Obscura. Spend your money elsewhere, knowing that after one listen your mind will be as blank as if you had never purchased this.