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the Nuke's most mature album - 90%

overkill67, July 13th, 2004

Kick ass right from the get-go. Those thrundering drums followed by that monster riff on the intro to the title track is fucking masterful work of thrash metal artistic genius. Onto Another violent end...which should be called another violent riff...indeed a thrasher to shred ol' headbangers, but only of the "truest" form. Next up, Behind Glass Walls, a great song with some catchy moments and some great musical performances, another classic piece of song writting in the thrash metal vein. Chaos, and so it is, track # 4 is fuckin' sweet with some awesome lyrics and very diverse drumming by the notorious Glenn Evans. The Forge has to be one of the most melodic, yet still very metalish songs that the Nuke's have ever written, the harmony over the bridge part is awesome and will send shivers down your icy spine. Next up is no time, and again, I have all the time in the world for this song as it is catchy and memorable from beginning to end (so is this whole fucking album now that I think about it). To serve man is a nice thrash piece with some great speed metal riffs and kick ass double bass drumming, with John Connely's unique vocals searing through an intense wall of sound. Madness Descends is like an epic style song that is done in around minutes, sounds kind of impossible does it? Well then listen to it and you'll see what I mean, and the chorus on this one is as catchy as anything these guys have ever done. # 9, Poetic Justice is the last real song on this album, and its about as hilarious as anything Cheech and Chong have ever come up with, but its not a joke when it comes to the actual structure and quality of this song, for it is an excellent track and is a thrasher from start to finish. The last two tracks are "Art" and "The Other End" which I have absolutely no idea why these were included on this album, especially "Art" which is nothing more than an SOD style of joke. I suppose that "The other end" could''ve worked as an effective intro or even outro to a song, specifically Another Violent End.
Well there you have a quick but worthy breakdown of this quality album by of of the East Coasts most prominent thrash to Overkill of course!