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Might just be the worst demo of 2013. - 1%

Worthless Dream, September 11th, 2013

I picked this album because it looked cool, little did I know it just might be the worst demo of this dreadful year. Where shall I begin, the first track to open this monstrous demo is a pointless song called "Arcenstone", it was just endless ambient with a terrible fake computer guitar that was not even tuned, with some annoying bells in the back that did not many any sense. I will not go track by track but the second track "Beleriand" sounded EXACTLY the same as the first track just with no bells but with a 15 second Lord Of The Rings intro in the beginning, I understand that this band is very much influenced by" Tolkien Concepts" but those first two songs were completely pointless and a waste of time by the artist and the fans listening. "Arcenstone" and "Beleriand" sounded like they were made in FL studio with zero effort, it sounded as if the artist was in a rush and did not care about it to begin with, if Noldor wants more of a fanbase they could at least tune their "instruments" for an easier listen.

As for the quality of this demo, it was terrible and not the good kind of terrible! It was not even low fi, it was just a mere disaster which could be compared to the sound a blender makes when you stick a penny in it while its blending, with poorly online drum effects in the background, it was loud and not easy on my ears, I had to take my headphone off and listen to it though a speaker because it was too loud for one to enjoy blasting even at a minimal volume. The 13th track "Tinuviel" could be the best example of this horrid sounding composition that I am speaking of. Not only did it sound bad but absolutely made zero sense, I could even hear a Facebook notification sound "pop" mid through the recording, now that is just embarrassing for all participating in the creation of this demo.

The rest of the songs on this demo are just poor excuses for "Ambient' and each track were barely different from one another, so if you are listening to this and not paying attention you might not even realise that a song has ever changed! My only conclusion for this annihilation of a beautiful thing called music is do NOT buy it, don't waste your hard earned money on this for it will only cause disappointment and maybe a headache. If you are wondering why I gave this demo a 1 percent and not the total zero it deserves for the music, it is because I really enjoy the album artwork, which is the only reason my brain decided to buy this.