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The Beginning For Nokturnal Forest - 80%

darkurse, August 25th, 2011

This is an another band/project by Syria's lone black metal musician Demon of Darkness. This band has released two demos, a split and this EP . I have listened to the previous releases of this band and I have to say that I didn't like what I had listened that much then I've listened to some new songs on the band's Myspace and I have to say that I really liked them and I decided to get that EP .This EP consists of termolo picked riffs for the most part. A lot of these riffs are quite catchy and the melodies, although generic, are definitely well done. The riffs, though typical, are very good black metal riffs in the sense that it gives the songs its grim atmosphere, together with the vocals.

The main problem is with the drums being set at low volume in the mix but they will sound ok if you get used to them . Everything can be heard in the songs even the bass which also has some interesting fills and lines. The whole atmosphere of the songs is cold , gloomy and somehow melancholic and it's heavily inspired by the bands of the 2nd wave of black metal.So what could I say? This isn’t bad at all. Overall, this EP shows much potential in it. If you’re looking for something in the vain of Darkthrone , Judas Iscariot ...etc then you better take a listen to this one!