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A bad album ruined by a few good parts - 35%

bucfan5252, June 26th, 2008

I originally bought this album expecting technical death metal but what I got instead was simple instrumentals and song structures. The music in general for this album could probably be best described as groove/thrash death metal. Although the music itself is not technical, that is not why I’m giving it a bad rating. I actually prefer simplicity to technicality for the most part. The reason I’m giving it bad rating is because it is boring as hell!

The first four tracks have a fairly similar sound to them. Boring groove/thrash guitar riffs at times sound like something Pantera would have written on one of there later albums. The drums for the most part keep a simple beat with the rare inclusion of double bass. Nothing interesting about them but they get the job done. Now the vocals in my opinion are probably the worst part about the album. His scream just annoys me. I’m not really sure what to compare it, maybe a bad attempt at the typical Gothenburg melodic death metal scream?

The 5th song, “Tonic prophecy”, is the most unique on this EP. They made an attempt to cross the sound of the earlier tracks with electronic music…and failed miserably. This song is probably the only track on this cd that I consider annoying rather than just boring. Sadly though this song also contains what I consider the only two best parts of the entire album. First the vocalist implements his death growl. Why he chose his scream instead of his growl still confuses me. His growl unlike his scream actually sounds good. The second part and the best part is the short melancholic symphonic outro. It sounds AMAZING!!! I seriously think they should have tried to play doom metal instead of death metal because it sounds much better then anything else on the album but sadly its only about 10 seconds long.

The last track returns to same style played on the first four tracks but with one big noticeable change, the vocalist uses thrash style vocals. These vocals unlike the scream are also good. Not amazing but good. Other then the better vocals though this track is no better then any of the others.

So in conclusion, don’t waste your time on the EP. The instrumentals are boring as hell and the vocalist chose to use his scream over his decently good death growl and thrash styled vocals. If I remember correctly I acquired this for about two dollars and that’s probably about all this is worth, if even. They do show some potential, although very little, so I do plan on giving some of there later works a chance.