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Do Not Ignore - 100%

northernlegion, March 1st, 2007

A single understated bash of a snare kicks off what I could easilly call one of the best metal albums I and you could own whilst giving no hint of what awaits. Mere words alone cannot convey how exceptional this album is! "Exceptional" indeed. This is no ordinary power metal record, not that it really fits snuggly into any pre-defined genres.

The first thing you may be thinking (If you haven't heard any of this material) is what sort of metal is this? Almost all the reviewers seem to have their own opinions of what it is and they're all correct. To be honest if you like any sort of metal, be it power or death, you will find every song here a gem to behold. Thrash/Power/Doom/Progressive/Death, its all here if you want it to be. All executed with a masterful precision and passion that is somewhat lost in a lot of metal as of late.

The album explodes with opener; Born, with pummeling drums from the word go and technical riffery. The ownage continues as the song evolves into a higher form with melodic leads that dance round dane's vocal mastery. This opener gives but a taste of what the album is yet to offer as it descends further into brutal and darker territory with the next collection of excellent song-gasms.

Then we get the track five ballad: Sentient Six. What a fucking jaw dropping experience this is. Emotional and powerful to the core and not forgetting Loomis' excellent soloing, if you still have a face left after all the rest of his melting solos in the previous songs. Thats not forgetting an excellent set of solos and riffs provided by now permanent axe-man Steve Smyth of Testament fame. Actually Smyth isn't the only ex-Testament member here; guitar master James Murphy also contributes to the interlude solo piece: The Holocaust of Thought.

To fill a gap in your life, I can only suggest you buy this record as it's not only a masterpiece of modern metal writting from beginning to end but the passionate and emotional way it is delivered will grab your soul and never let go.