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Good but not Great.. - 74%

caspian, May 14th, 2007

That thing called Musical taste is a strange thing indeed. One man's favourite album is a steaming pile of crap to someone else. But surely if almost everyone likes something, it must be great? Well, I wish that was true. I'd like to say that this album totally rocks my socks, and while there are a few really awesome moments, there's also a heap of filler that's just..not that good.

Lets start with the good first though. It's pretty obvious straight away that these dudes are impeccable musicians. This Godless Endeavour, Final Product, My Acid Words.. hell, any song has some absolutely rock solid guitar, drumming that's solid but still somewhat innovative and interesting, and a bass that's.. somewhere in the mix. Well, it's normally not there, but it does a good job in The Holocaust of Thought. Most songs are at a fairly brisk tempo, but there's enough variation in the songs so you don't get too bored.The guitars do some real nice flashy stuff, like the super epic chorus lick in Born and the fast but tasteful solo in Final Product, but they never get wanky. Yeah, when everyone in the band gets their stuff right, the results are amazing. Born has some huge riffs and is just an invigorating experience all round.. all that Heavy Metal should be. My Acid Words has some great riffs, This Godless Endeavour is that triumphant epic that will have everyone singing along at concerts, and Final Product is also a pretty enjoyable tune. One thing I'll agree with the other reviews- Nevermore definitely don't suck.

But there's many instances where they definitely don't rule. The vocals don't rule, that's for sure. I'd love to hear this band with a less operatic singer. Dare I say Hetfield would sound great with this band? That's not to say that Warren Dale is terrible.. The dude is pretty passionate, and his melody lines are solid.. But there's lots of places where he drags the songs down. Sell My Heart for Stones is a pretty painful song as it is, but Dale's vocals really drag it down more. It's not just a bad song for Nevermore- it's a bad song in general. Sentience 6 is also a somewhat sucky song. I don't mind ballads.. Whether it's Fade to Black, some strange Manowar Ballad, whatever.. But Nevermore are really bad at writing ballads. The ballads are quite cheesy, which is made worse by the cheesier-then-cheese vocals. Of course, there are a few songs where the vocals work quite well, but the majority of songs are let down by weak vocals. Oh well.

Don't get me wrong, people, I want to love this album. I don't listen to an album with the intent of picking faults, it's just that this album isn't as great as it's made out to be. It's solid power-y thrash metal (or thrashy power metal) but that's all. It's enjoyable, but the vocals aren't too good and everything's a bit inconsistent. Oh well.