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Everything you could ask for in metal. - 100%

Alcohol, August 9th, 2007

Every now and again, we hear a passage from a song that makes us literally say 'holy shit!' out loud. We hear either a riff, a solo, or an intense vocal that makes us quiver and sends chills down our spines. It's not that often that we hear these passages, as when you listen to metal your standards for music tend to heighten, thus making "musical shock" a less likely occurrence.

It's also especially rare for an entire album to be consistently full of those passages from start to finish, which is what makes This Godless Endeavor from Nevermore an earth shattering album!

This album is quite perfect. There is plenty of diversity to be found here.

There are fucking heavy passages, such as the opening to Born and The Psalm Of Lydia, the riff before the solo in My Acid Words, the sweeps in My Godless Endeavor, and many MANY more.

There are fucking killer solos, usually delivered by one guitarist (Mr. Loomis) but sometimes manifest themselves through a solo battle, like 2:25 to 3:03 of The Psalm Of Lydia. Every solo here is masterfully crafted. I've heard the most appropriate solo (Sentient 6), the best sweeping passage (This Godless Endeavor, from 7:10 onwards), and the most chaotic riffs I've heard on any album here.

The bass is audible and contributes to the low end quite nicely. Wonderful tone, and in The Holocaust Of Thought adds a little melody of it's own. The drums are a constant double kick, tasteful wall of sound. The passage at 3:20 of My Acid Words could be one of my favorite in metal, and the drumming contributes highly to that.

This album from start to finish, leaves you saying "fuck yeah!" throughout the whole thing. This Godless Endeavor (the song itself) is a near 9 minute epic that I actually listen through in it's entirety every time I start it. It's an irresistible track.

The riffs here are complex, technical, but also appealing to the ear. The introduction to The Psalm Of Lydia and 0:17 of My Acid Words are good examples of technical yet appealing riffs. Then there's the just the technical mind fucking riffs of insanity like the lead guitar riff playing in the background of the chorus to Born. 0:50 of The Psalm Of Lydia features a crazy and highly technical riff, that could be a solo for other bands!

However great they are, the riffs and solos aren't all to be found here. Oh no. There are overwhelming vocals of emotional intensity, beautiful delivery, and chilling tone. The lyrics are thought provoking and original, and easy to sing along to. There's no cheese factor here.

Then you've got your marvelous acoustic playing that opens A Future Uncertain and This Godless Endeavor, and your "more" mainstream track "Sell My Heart For Stones." This is the token "rock ballad" track on the album, and damn is it powerful!

Overall, the adjectives that come to mind when describing this album are as follows:


As well as many others like awesome and wow. Get this fucking album today, buy six copies! Buy as many as you can afford!