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This Flawless Endeavor!!! - 100%

Agni, July 18th, 2005

Its quite unbelieveable how this band manages to put out album after album of the most top notch quality heavy fucking metal. A lot of bands into their 7th studio album, either water down, or take their foot off the pedal to rest on their laurels (something which Nevermore could have easily done), but holy fucking shit!!! this wasnt the case. Infact, they have released an absolute masterpiece, one that is easily comparable, if not better than their past moments of glory (Dreaming Neon Black, Politics of Ecstacy & DHIADW). I kid you not.

From the opening thrasher 'Born', to the epic title track that closes the album, you will find it extremely difficult to just sit in one place and go about your work. Every song demands your full fucking attention!! There is not a single filler track to be found throughout its 57 minutes. Each and every song is built like a labyrinth, filled with passages of breathtaking melodies, killer riffs, mindblowing vocal melodies, and what we all love in our metal: spontaneously-ejaculation-induncing guitar solos provided by none other than Jeff Loomis. Every song has a fair number of eye popping moments, whether its the solo on 'The Final Product', or the utterly depressing and heartbreaking vocals on 'Sentient 6', or the sheer technical excellence of the entire band on 'Psalm of Lydia'. I can write down a list of all these moments and run into pages.

I've been almost continuously spinning this album for the past one month, and I still can't figure out which is my favourite far the only song, which hasn't got that status is the short but haunting instrumental, 'The Haulocaust of Thought'.

If you are a fan of Nevermore, you will be blown away by this album. I cannot comprehend an instance of any fan being even remotely disappointed with this masterpiece. (You can't even bitch about the production this time)
If you havent heard Nevermore before, This Godless Endeavor is THE album to start off with...and chances are, you will NOT be disappointed.
If you aren't a fan of Nevermore, then stay the fuck away, because they are at their absolute bone-crushing best on this album..and you will really hate them for that, if you lay your poor ears on this record.

Killerist of all the killer tracks:
Sentient 6
Acid Words
The Final Product
This Godless Endeavor
Psalm of Lydia