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Pre-"Word As Law" EP - 99%

stonedjesus, April 18th, 2005

This EP/Single was a sign of what was to come after "Pain Of Mind". Mostly straightforward hardcore songs here. What really makes this EP(and "Word As Law") stand out is the work of Dave Edwarson on bass. His basslines are mixed perfectly, driving most of the riffs/songs. His presense on this recording(and the next few as well) reminds me of the shift in Death when Steve DiGiorgio joined, where the bassist's work makes the music more dynamic and thier sound to stand out quite a bit more ( a difficult feat in the late 80's cali-hardcore/crossover scene).

Getting to the point here: This isn't metal, "metal influenced" at best. Bass driven hardcore/crust punk with song structures far less bland than most bands within said genre(s). Decent production(still raw tough), memorable songs. Worth the download(or purchase, if you're lucky).