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these guys noodle more than a case of ramen - 38%

deadite, April 16th, 2007

Well, well, well. Here we have the latest offering by Tech Death up-and-comers, Necrophagist. I have (had) this cd, and their first one "Onset of Putrefication".
Onset wasnt too bad of a release, although it was a bit boring. I'd give it a 60-65, probably. now when I heard they released a new cd, I took into account
my experience with the first cd. so I just downloaded it off of my friend, not knowing if I would enjoy it or not.

Let's get the good things out of the way now, before I start slagging this album. First off, cool cover. I like the artwork, and the new logo is pretty spiffy (well, from what I can see online, I downloaded this after all). Another thing is the talent of the band members. This cannot be denied. The guitarists have very fast fingers, as does the bassist, and the drummer is very tight and controlled. Mr. Suicmez incorporates a neo-classical style of riffing here, which I think is pretty cool, it sounds different. I also enjoy the solos, theyre very thought out. The bassist does some really awesome tapping stuff and soloing throughout the album. Being a bassist myself, I think it goes without saying that this is a definite plus.

Now, onto the bad. Oh boy, there is a lot of bad. These guys wank more than a 36 year old virgin on a friday night. I mean, I'm all for technicality, in
fact I love it when bands write technical parts, I'm just NOT a fan of technical playing for the SAKE of technical playing (see: Beneath the Massacre, Psycroptic, etc). There has to be some sort of damned SONG going on in the background.

Without further ado, onto the songs themselves. "Stabwound" is probably the only track on here I can listen to without having to skip it. In fact its a good song, and it duped me into believing the rest of the cd is the same. There is no feeling here, no emotion. The guitars have a very neutered sound, no choppyness, no dirtyness, no edgyness, no ANYTHING-ness. It's just....there. Muhammed growls on in a monotone, for the most part (he goes a bit lower on Stabwound, which is a nice change). His delivery is really stagnant, for the most part. "The Stillborn One" is a doomy song, but it just tends to plod, as opposed to crush, which good doom metal does. Plodding doesnt really sound all that metal. "Ignominious & Pale" is another wankfest, I cant even listen to it. The title track...more wank. Some cool riffs in there though...but still. "Only Ash Remains" has an awesome bass solo at the start....and then...degenerates into aforementioned noodling. "Seven" starts out doomy, and actually sounds quite cool. It gets better in the middle, with a thrash type rythmn, and a cool solo. It actually sounded like a good instrumental, but then the growls came, and with it the inevitable guitar masturbation.

So, what do we have, in conclusion? Well let's break this down.
Talent of band members - 25% (5% for each member, 10% for the bassist)
Stabwound, most of Seven, and the beginning to Only Ash Remains - 10%
Cover Art/Logo - 3%
TOTAL - 38%

Well, I was pretty damned dissappointed. If you like Necrophagist, youll probably like this. Other than that, make sure you have some tissues handy, because
therell be a lot to clean out of your ears after this cd shoots its neo-classical load.