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Sic - 84%

SLlMER, June 20th, 2014

Here is some weird murking sicness that stewed amidst the USBM cesspool at one time or another roughly a half-decade ago and will forever remain a forgotten and unheralded secret gem of black metal obscurity. I go out of my way to obtain such bizarre artifacts and thus this band Necrite holds a certain importance to me. Somewhat similar to Weakling in the sense that this band is from California and released only a scant (and limited) output that is of a certain definable quality and then disappeared from the U.S. black metal scene completely; Necrite will never reach the level of cult status that Weakling has attained to, however the ironic thing is that they are in all actuality probably a better band than Weakling ever was.

Musically this is more akin to a disease-ridden amalgam of Leviathan, Deathspell Omega, Nortt, and perhaps a better version of say, Krieg, than it is to Weakling. As is typical of most American black metal bands "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" is an album that exerts a very 'ghastly' and death-obsessed sound; like it is being created by dingy dungeon prisoners that have been bound in chains of ice for years on end without relief who were then given musical instruments and whipped until they started playing them. In reality it was just created by some goon with a pseudonym of "The Wretched", with a couple other basic goons on second guitar and drums. However, what these three random goons accomplished with this album is a thoroughly abysmal venture into USBM mixed with some drone/doom that somehow exceeds the norm.

This reminds me a lot of the San Fran based band Palace of Worms, except better, as it descends into even deeper depths. Winding and wandering 'lost' sounding song structures put the listener on a journey through forsaken and dead-end labyrinths of desolation that lead to nowhere. In the process, Necrite erode the psyche of those listening as songs ranging in lengths from 16 to even 27 minutes drag you through a dissonant and convoluted swamp of raw and grim darkness. Many torture chambers and graveyards are visited and passed through, and by the time the 27 minute title track comes around Necrite are dragging you through some morose, droning, painful, and sparse compositional terrain.

The musicianship on display here is good and the production is enveloping which enhances the atmosphere greatly instead of squelching it. I recommend this album to any fan of black metal and/or drone-doom.