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Interesting - 85%

mikeald, September 10th, 2008

This album is actually very catchy. From the beginning of Breed to Breathe you get some catchy riffs that stick in your head for days. This album is one of those albums that you may not have listened to in a few years but when you finally give it a spin again you remember how great it is. Yes this is not your grindcore Napalm Death but more of a grove death metal. The songs range from 3-4 minutes and keep the listener interested all the way through.

Production is clear yet not to polished...just in case you Napalm Death fans think they sold out. Every instrument can be heard. Vocals are your typical mid nineties style of vocals resembling a Fear Factory type of vibe.

Guitars are catchy, very catchy to be honest. Its good to hear some variation in death metal rather than monotone riffs for forty minutes. Don't let this statement fool you this album is heavy, but catchy. Once in a while there is a few melodic riff to keep things interesting. Check out the songs, Section, Down in the Zero, and Prelude. These sections are not In Flames melodic but give off a slight breath of fresh air. Section and Indispose melodies have quite an epic vibe to them.

Drums are not blast beats but more of your typical type of mid pace metal such as Sepultura, Pantera, etc.

Basically if your someone who enjoys experimental work from bands, Inside the Torn Apart isn't a bad place to start. If your one of those purists out there just think of this...Napalm Death tried mid paced death metal and kicked ass at it. Maybe several bands should have took notes on how to do it right.