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Essential grindcore - 95%

Vim_Fuego, August 6th, 2004

It's a familiar story. Four young men with astounding clarity of vision are brought together by the spirit of creative lifeforce and combine their common love of music, in the process recording an album which becomes a yardstick for a genre, the starting point for a new musical movement, an awakening of creative consciousness, a defining moment in the artistic oeuvre.

Nah, fuck all that over analysis bullshit. "From Enslavement To Obliteration" is a blinding album which will rip your fucking face off!

A total of 27 manic tracks blast past in a bit over 34 minutes. This is grindcore at grassroots level. Ugly music stripped back to the bare bones. Everything is straight forward, and pushed to the limits (for the time) just to see what would happen. The songs are exercises in beautiful simplicity. Take one idea or riff. Take it as far as it will go. End. Repeat. Only two tracks stretch past the three minute mark, and a good number are shorter than a minute. Then again, playing 12 minute epics is not really an option when playing at this speed.

No one involved with this album could have possibly imagined the influence they would all have on extreme music. Vocalist Lee Dorrian now fronts Cathedral. Guitarist Bill Steer went to Carcass full time. Drummer Mick Harris helped create the almighty Godflesh and a plethora of other experimental extreme musical projects. Bass player Shane Embury has stayed with Napalm Death, and has been a leading figure in shaping the direction of most things extreme since.

This is fast, energetic, brutal as fuck, no nonsense music. It's the way grindcore used to be, and still should be.