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Prepare for lockdown. - 80%

Diamhea, April 8th, 2007

Naildown recently impressed me with their debut "World Domination", and I snagged Dreamcrusher at the first available opportunity.

It should be noted that this album shares the exact same sound as their first effort. They sacrifice some technicality in light of a more "hard rock" approach. Their keyboardist is absolutely pro, and he chooses his keyboard sounds/effects well, lending to an almost "futuristic" kind of sound. This is driven home by the subject matter of their music video for "Eyes Wide Open". Extensive use of flanging and other effects can be found among this release.

Daniel Freyberg's clean vocals have improved significantly since World Domination, and he uses them more often/to better effect; even if they fall prey to some admittingly "stupid" lines. The song titles are a mixed bag as well, some are really cool like "Judgement Ride", but "Lame" and "Like I'd Care" draw some questioning, they are both good songs, but its really easy for elitists to pick a band apart under those pretenses. The drummer provides very solid backing, skill is in no short supply here.

Honestly, check it out! Theres a reason these guys are currently tourning with Ensiferum and SuidAkrA!