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Pedestrian - 26%

SLlMER, June 29th, 2009

Ah, Nachtmystium. At this point they've basically just turned into the "black metal" equivalent of Toxic Holocaust or Municipal Waste, except without the self-aware and blatant striving to exist as a tongue in cheek parody. This EP is short enough that a song-by-song synopsis may be best, so here we go..

The first track "Bones" may be the most tolerable one on the EP. The song starts out with some surprisingly hellish blasting and brutish riffs and goes into tremolo picked riffing with church bell samples during the chorus with the repeatative vocal line "Down to bones" screamed over, and over. Good bass lines. Typical verse, chorus stuff. Catchy and predictable.

"Lake Of Fire" sounds more akin to something that would have been on their last album "Assasins." Melodic. Deceptively melodic in fact, with stripped down pop-rock structure. Similar in atmosphere and structure to their last album., so at this point I'd imagine there are indeed some bummed-out Grim Cult Warriors out there who will be stoked to throw on Inquisition instead of this after they buy it.

Onto "Hellish Overdose" - This song just sounds like Motorhead or Venom except not as good! If it weren't for some of the slightly interesting stuff Sanford Parker is adding in here and there on synths, nothing would be providing separation from this and the most recent Darkthrone or Toxic Holocaust throwback stuff. Complete with cheezed-out solo and all.

"Pitch Black Cadence"- most comparable to the first track "Bones" with a definite Slayer - "Hell Awaits" influence in the guitar solos. The song starts out sort of half-thrashing with pseudo space-rock sounding guitars and heavy amounts of delay over almost everything. This song is boring, and that's all I have to say about it really.

When bands start resorting to this kind of shit it really does seem as though they've completely run out of ideas for their music but would rather continue doing music than have to settle for working at the local chicken shack restaurant. For being just a short EP, seen as something in-between albums that specifically tides over fans and gets to the point and hacks away, I suppose this is ok and not completely worthless?

All things considered it's 18 minutes of mediocre heavy metal intended to entertain in the same way that some bong hits and a Beavis and Butthead DVD would. Pick it up at The Local Mall along with a Slipknot Doo-Rag and some one dollar chicken shack hamburgers. This reminds me of the sadness of modern day suburbs and clowny adult-children in parking lots wearing big baggy cargo pants and acting like idiots.