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"True NorWheaton Blake Metal" - 10%

doomknocker, October 7th, 2009

Well then...where do I start with THIS one?

I never really understood the sudden inundation of all things NACHTMYSTIUM in the past few years; from the coveted Century Media signing to the pulling out of various tours to the PINK-FLOYD-in-corpsepaint approach, to me the MYSTIUM bandwagon has always confounded rather than coerced. And Mr. Judd's alienated comments about the black metal scene don't help matters, given his and the band's roots. I always figured their little soiree into musical nastiness is little more than all-words-no-action, wherein all the critical and fanboy acclaim heaped to nountainous size was a smoke screen covering yawn-inducing music. "Assassins..." was a meticulously uninteresting piece of self-indulgent wankery that reeked of stylistic atrophy, so when a new release came cascading from the depths onto the (un?)suspecting public I had to find out if the 'MYSTIUM squad could somehow improve on matters.

Nope. Didn't happen.

While much of the Fenriz at Woodstock psychedelic appeal is present, it's not presented in spades like "Assassins...", and instead we get plodding, thrown-together, half-assed "black meddle" that's best left to the demo era. The musical performance, from the sensation-less vocal rasps to the go-nowhere guitar riffs to the non-descript blast beats don't really wow the listener nor give him/her a deja vu sensation of listening to an obscure mid 90's demo from a basement-dwelling Norwegian goblin horde, but instead makes one listless and longing for something with more variety, meat, and over-all entertainment. Every song suffers the same problematic formula with little to no change in the recipe, with the same tasteless croaks, wandering guitars, and weak-kneed percussion that don't blend into the tight little wonder an album, even an EP, should be. The production is just as at fault, with its hollowed out, flat sound that crushes the lack of good ideas into a pancake-esque sound likened to being bludgeoned with cardboard. No matter if it's the nonsense of "Bones" or the pointlessness of "Hellish Overdose" this is hardly an entertaining, thrilling ride into "something different" with absolutely nothing of redeemable value.

In the end this experiment of potential interest was a waste of time for me. Nothing Blakey-boy has done in the past number of years has really shown me any sort of progression or evolution, and if this EP is any indication of the future of NACHTMYSTIUM, then I say "Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder" and call it a day.

Nachtmystium - Doomsday Derelicts - 60%

ThrashManiacAYD, September 11th, 2009

Thank fuck I seem to be one of the minority who like Nachtmystium such is the regularity with which I've been reviewing them this last year. The continuing abuse that gets directed at these Americans by the internet's keyboard warriors baffles me - is it because they are (whisper it quietly), different? This "Doomsday Derelicts" EP follows the (re-)release of the "Worldfall" EP earlier this year and my 2008 album of the year, "Assassins".

Like the "Worldfall" release, "Doomsday Derelicts" doesn't last long, but in the time it does the songs featured hit you with varying levels of aggression and passiveness, justifying their collection together as an EP. "Bones" is the most aggressive, a quick blast of Possessed-like black metal. "Life Of Fire" harks back to the psychedelic free-spirited vibe that made "Assassins" so good, in particularly showing the band as having an easily identifiable sound these days. "Hellish Overdose" is Slayer-meets-Motörhead-meets-Toxic Holocaust, and a good attempt at it too, while "Pitch Black Cadence" is a combination of Nachtmystium's black metal attack and the feedback-laden riffs of their recent psychedelic vibes.

Short and sweet and over in 17 minutes, the "Doomsday Derelicts" EP is another reason why anyone with an open-mind and interest in extreme metal should investigate Nachtmystium. A good release for what it is and a pre-cursor to their upcoming mouth-watering tour with Absu. Bring it on.

Originally written for

Pedestrian - 26%

SLlMER, June 29th, 2009

Ah, Nachtmystium. At this point they've basically just turned into the "black metal" equivalent of Toxic Holocaust or Municipal Waste, except without the self-aware and blatant striving to exist as a tongue in cheek parody. This EP is short enough that a song-by-song synopsis may be best, so here we go..

The first track "Bones" may be the most tolerable one on the EP. The song starts out with some surprisingly hellish blasting and brutish riffs and goes into tremolo picked riffing with church bell samples during the chorus with the repeatative vocal line "Down to bones" screamed over, and over. Good bass lines. Typical verse, chorus stuff. Catchy and predictable.

"Lake Of Fire" sounds more akin to something that would have been on their last album "Assasins." Melodic. Deceptively melodic in fact, with stripped down pop-rock structure. Similar in atmosphere and structure to their last album., so at this point I'd imagine there are indeed some bummed-out Grim Cult Warriors out there who will be stoked to throw on Inquisition instead of this after they buy it.

Onto "Hellish Overdose" - This song just sounds like Motorhead or Venom except not as good! If it weren't for some of the slightly interesting stuff Sanford Parker is adding in here and there on synths, nothing would be providing separation from this and the most recent Darkthrone or Toxic Holocaust throwback stuff. Complete with cheezed-out solo and all.

"Pitch Black Cadence"- most comparable to the first track "Bones" with a definite Slayer - "Hell Awaits" influence in the guitar solos. The song starts out sort of half-thrashing with pseudo space-rock sounding guitars and heavy amounts of delay over almost everything. This song is boring, and that's all I have to say about it really.

When bands start resorting to this kind of shit it really does seem as though they've completely run out of ideas for their music but would rather continue doing music than have to settle for working at the local chicken shack restaurant. For being just a short EP, seen as something in-between albums that specifically tides over fans and gets to the point and hacks away, I suppose this is ok and not completely worthless?

All things considered it's 18 minutes of mediocre heavy metal intended to entertain in the same way that some bong hits and a Beavis and Butthead DVD would. Pick it up at The Local Mall along with a Slipknot Doo-Rag and some one dollar chicken shack hamburgers. This reminds me of the sadness of modern day suburbs and clowny adult-children in parking lots wearing big baggy cargo pants and acting like idiots.