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This is where all the good riffs have been hiding - 88%

PainMiseryDeath, June 2nd, 2004

Holy fucking shit! The riffs!

Now let me elaborate a bit on why I checked this cd out. Normally I am not a power metal fan at all (there goes my credibility to review this). Sure there are a handful of bands that kick my ass, but I usually find that even if there happens to be solid riffing, time and time again the vocalist ruins everything. With that in mind I likely never would have checked Mystic Prophecy out, but of course they boast guitarist Gus G in their ranks. I am a fan of Nightrage, and his guitar playing is phenomenal on their Sweet Vengeance album. I also think that Dream Evil is pretty fun to listen to, and without Gus G it probably wounldn't be as enjoyable. Thus, my reasoning to investigate, though I never could have foreseen this album being so great.

All throughout this cd, which is mainly mid paced, there isn't a single bad song. There's no supper happy power metal wankery that I dont enjoy, the music is ultra heavy. With a goldy production, every instrument is capable of coming out of your speakers and killing you. The memorable songs move from great riff to great riff, every single one qualified to make any metal fan headbang. The solos, well, if you don't already know that Gus G is a guitar virtuoso, let me assure you, he most certainly is.

Now the vocals are what put this album on the favorite album list for me. R.D. Liapakis of Valley's Eve (whom I am currently unfamiliar with) has a rough mid ranged manly power metal voice. Eureka! This is the perfet voice to go along with this music while keeping it fucking heavy! No weakly falsetto vocals here.

The drums help this cd a lot as well, they are right up front and doing just what they need to do to work with the riffs. Did I mention I am a fan of Raise Hell and Sins of Omission? Well thats where the drummer comes from. Mystic Prophecy is no mere project though, through their almost epic songs, they prove they are utterly dedicated to the music.

This album is unforgettable and will likely remain among my favorites for a long time coming. I may as well suggest a couple tracks for those of you who may be sceptical about how great this cd really is (since I may sound like a fanboy, or perhaps my opinions aren't valid enough). Be sure to crank the volume to 11 for Calling From Hell and Signs of the Cross. Actually, I should list every song, because they are all great, and it would have made the review a bit longer.