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Doomtastic! - 90%

Snxke, February 22nd, 2004

This symphonic boil of brooding vocals, middle-eastern breakdowns and haunting Sabbath-cops is a adventure to leave on the headphones as you drift into your pleasent nightmares for the evening. This happens to be one of my favorite CD's by this strange act.

Overall the CD has many key tracks like the drifting "Christliar" and the symphonic slam of "She is the Dark" mixed with epic "end of the world" styled pieces like "A Light at the End of the World".

The lyrics are among the best the band has spewed forth, the guitars moan and groan with an almost cartoonish grief to compliment the choirs and stunning artwork that hits the package.

This is a solid, doomy, sparse and often stunning effort from a band surviving so many line-up struggles (not to mention recovering from a poorly executed record one previous.)