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Three gloomy things to make you happy - 70%

joncheetham88, September 22nd, 2009

The so-called 'Uberdoom' remix of Deeper Down that is the namesake of this 2006 single is in fact just a shorter edit of the album version. Seems a funny thing to call it, though. The conciseness of this version actually makes this booming track more hypnotic, with the rolling drums and blaring leads of the song's leitmotif dominating most of the song. Despite it being one of the weaker tracks on the band's 2006 opus A Line of Deathless Kings I can never say no to a listen.

The middle song is the one which makes this worth owning for me. It is a song called Child of Eternity from the sessions for A Line of Deathless Kings. It opens with some very nasty, old school rasps from Aaron, and a general Death Metal vibe lifted straight from the annals of early '90s MDB and Paradise Lost. Yup, this is what all that lovely, evil Doom would have sounded like with a shiny production. Another surprise is the epic clean vocal section, which while not unusual for MDB shows more melody and scale than much of Aaron's singing. So although this track feels very much like the result of a few ideas that could not be worked into the album, it makes for a great listen and something of a nostalgia trip to the days of 'God Is Alone'.

The final track is a recording of A Kiss To Remember played live, as featured on the Sinomarata DVD. The audio reproduction on this one is excellent, on a par with An Ode To Woe (which by the way, does not include this song, so if you desire a live version of A Kiss To Remember to keep for your very own and put on your iPod, it is either here or on Voice of the Wretched).

The artwork, I have always held, is far superior to that finally used for A Line of Deathless Kings. It might be more simplistic and a little more predictable, but the waves-tossed and ghostly ship on the cover conjures a variety of atmospheres and emotions; we as the observers don't know what is happening on the ship, but we may speculate based on what we are hearing as we look at it.

I have known this to be sold as an EP instead of a single, which will make it pricey, especially considering it's just a single edit with a B-side and a live song you've already heard. However, the B-side alone is probably worth most price stickers you will see on this if you are a fan of the band, and for completists it is a must. Three gloomy little tracks guaranteed to make your day a little less bright, not bad.